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The Tim in Rose {Tim} e

Tim is the florist and had worked in an independent Florist and Greengrocer shop from leaving school to 2000, when he was made redundant. 

He quickly found a job as a van driver until he was head-hunted to work for the supermarket Safeway in 2002 who were opening a 'Flower Market' in its stores.  

Then Safeway became Morrisons. Tim worked his way to being Supervisor in the Produce and Flowers department.  Morrisons then began converting some of their flagship stores to 'Stores of the Future' and started to introduce 'The Flower Shop'.  Tim was asked if he would train the staff in each store to create simple bouquets.  So he trained to be a "trainer" and spent 2 years travelling the South West and South Wales, once again working with flowers.

During this time Tim entered the national Mastercraft Competition for floristry and gained the runner up position two years in a row. 

Then the opportunity came along to own his own business. 

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